Grun Coherent Earthing System

More music. Less noise.

Grun offers a major step forward in defining your system, with clear performance gains.

An evolution of Atlas’ unique dual-drain technology, Grun stops noise from entering your hi-fi system, externally routing all interference to ground.

Why independent grounding?

We all want to achieve the performance levels our equipment is capable of. Our systems are embedded in noisy environments generating low levels of RF (radio frequency), EMI (electro-magnetic interference), and other miscellaneous chatter. Aside from the main power supply, mobile phones, “wall wart” chargers and WiFi networks are major offenders. The situation has generally declined with the advent of computer audio. All of these sources subtly modulate the overall noise levels in your system, creating degradation in the signal path. A major priority for Atlas’ engineering is to protect the integrity of the audio signal from this assault.


Hear the difference for yourself.

Much of this “noise” is theoretically at frequencies outside the range of our hearing. The irony is that because of this, the destructive influence of noise on audio is often only noticeable once it’s eliminated. No matter what environment you’re in, Grun lets you define a low-impedance path to ground within your system. That means less variability in your signal — essential for true high fidelity.


The Grun system comes standard with:

  • Mavros RCA interconnects
  • Asimi RCA interconnects
  • Mavros speaker cables
  • Asimi speaker cables
  • Zeno Harmonic headphone cables
  • Mavros USB
  • Mavros Ethernet