Why Atlas?

In Pursuit of the Perfect Cable...

The Atlas mission is simple: to get as much information as possible from one end of a cable to the other. We are driven by the vision of the theoretically “perfect” cable. What would it look like?

Ideally, it would simply consist of a pair of solid, 100% pure metal conductors, suspended in a vacuum of free air. It would have no resistance, inductance or capacitance. Every engineering decision is driven by the goal to bring our cables closer to this theoretical ideal — by eliminating distortion, noise, degradation and interruption within the signal path.

Atlas is first and foremost an engineering company, so in designing their products, they do more than only listen very carefully — they test, measure and test again.

The Atlas Difference:

1. Conductor Purity

We use the highest-quality conductive materials in order to minimize the impurities that impede the signal’s path. Our top-of-the-range products use incredibly pure OCC copper and solid OCC silver conductors.

2. Manufacturing Consistency

We avoid soldering and the variability it introduces. All Atlas products are manufactured using a proprietary cold-welding process to fuse the connector to the cable, creating an airtight metal-on-metal contact that’s identical every time.

3. Signal Screening

We take pains to screen our cables from the effects of the noisy environs in which modern systems are embedded. We also offer unique solutions for draining interference and noise, both within and outside of the cable.

4. Harmony of Materials

We focus on establishing conductive constancy or equilibration between the main conductor, the plug, and the insulating material. Audio signals are delicate — so wherever possible, we avoid combining disparate materials of differing resistances, and choose materials that will have the least possible effect on the audio signal.

Acclaimed in 30+ Countries

Our “state of the art” products, such as the award-winning Mavros and Asimi ranges, are regarded as being among the finest available anywhere at any price, receiving accolades in Europe, the US, Canada, Japan and the Far East.

Atlas products are researched, designed and produced in Kilmarnock, in the west of Scotland. Everyone on the Atlas team has spent their lives in the hi-fi and audio-visual industry. Atlas Cables are proudly distributed for North America by VANA Ltd.